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"We are deeply concerned at the state of music education throughout Australia, from preschool to tertiary level, particularly in comparison to other countries and education systems. We have witnessed a significant decline in the quality of and access to classroom music education for all young Australians, and have noted that much of that decline has taken place during a period of unprecedented affluence in the general community. Why are our children being denied access to rich musical experiences which are life changing?"

Mal Hewitt, CSME President




We are teachers, performers, conductors, composers, academics, administrators, leaders of educational and musical institutions, former principals and inspectors of the NSW Department of Education and Training, and we are parents of Australian children.


We have made a difference to the lives of countless thousands of students over the past 70 years, and many of us are still doing it. We have opened doors and unlocked secrets for young people, enabling them to make discoveries about themselves, about others, and about the world of which they are a part. We have taught music because we love music and we love children, and we love the special relationships which music engenders.


We share a truth that must be shouted (or sung) from the rooftops – music, that most approachable and accessible of the Arts – is essential to any life of quality and meaning. Other cultures know it. Ours seems to have forgotten it.


Peter Sculthorpe 1929 -2014

Please click on the link below for CSME's special tribute to Peter Sculthorpe

Memories of Peter Sculthorpe


"Celebration Sing Out" 

Celebration Sing Out 2015


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Sunday 9th November 2014, at 7pm, Sydney Town Hall 




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Congratulations to our president, Mal Hewitt, who has recently been awarded an OAM for his services to Music Education and work in the Community.

We also congratulate committee member, Anne Harvey who was also awarded an OAM. Anne is a tireless worker in the Music Education field.

Dick Letts has established a new Music Advocacy Group designated "The Music Trust".

Check out these 2 new websites: www.musictrust.com.au -an information resource for people reached by the education campaign (click on the Education button), andwww.musicinaustralia.org.au   - an online source on Australian music sector facts and figures (including for instance papers on Music and the Brain)

Every child deserves a quality music education… the full deal! It's as simple as this: A music class taught at least weekly by a trained music teacher.
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Peter Sculthorpe 1929 -2014

Please click on the link below for CSME's special tribute to Peter Sculthorpe

Memories of Peter Sculthorpe